Saturday, May 26, 2012

Its 2012 - already !

Its a fact of life and the internet that the more you sign up for to be "in the know" the less likely you are to remember the passwords you have used ... hence the reason it is now halfway through 2012, well after midnight with the cartoon Rio playing on the telly.  Yes - I have finally managed to get onto my Blog after trying password no 73 !  I know, I know, smart people use the same password, but words of wisdom from the spotty guy who taught me how to access the net are still ringing in my ears some years later ...

Its a bit like being Rip Van Winkle ... what has happened since my last post ?  Well lots of closed restaurants, new restaurants, new menus, old menus, new food websites, new Chefs, old Chefs, people who arent Chefs, new prices, high prices and so it goes on and on.  Watch this space.

Right now I am going to bed, but not before I have added the new password to the list - now where the hell did I put it ...

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