Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometimes my job has some great perks (the emphasis here is on “sometimes”) and this past week has been one of them. Dear friends of ours have just refurbished their houseboat and we were invited on The Phillipa’s maiden voyage (sans refurb) to check out all the facilities and see what still needed to be tweaked. Now, I sell houseboats all the time, big, small, expensive, and not so expensive but I had never been on one or even been near one, so this was an ideal opportunity to work out what all the hype was about– and I have to tell you – I am a total convert – I just LOVED it !!

All in the name of work, meant we had to spend a week on Lake Kariba, sailing around the Matusadonna shoreline, game viewing, eating, fishing, eating, sleeping, reading, drinking and eating – so you can see why it was so tough.

The Phillipa is a lovely spacious boat with four gorgeous cabins with all the trimmings on the bottom deck and ample space on the deck above for a bar, lounge and dining area, plus a lot of space for sleeping if the cabins became too hot. The top deck is not glassed in or air-con’d but looking at the other boats we passed, this was an advantage in the end as we appeared to have a lot more space to just chill out. Fully crewed, cold beers and three tender-boats to take out the insatiable fisher-people (I never got off the houseboat) was just the most ideal way to have a wonderfully relaxing holiday and I really hope I get a chance to do this again – often ...

Glorious food, outstanding company, good fishing even if Karen Hodgson dropped the biggest fish of the week overboard when she tried to show me (I somehow got the blame for that one?)

Just another day in Africa!

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