Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sitting here at 4 in the morning - (grumpy as the dogs woke me up at 1.00am and I havent been able to get back to sleep) is probably not the best time to update my blog, but what the hell I am awake anyway..

Its not often I have a real beef about Restaurants - I prefer subtle hints on what I personally think they could "tweek" but this week I had a bad run and have decided to be a little more direct.  26 on Park is one of my favourite places to go and when you have somewhere you just want to be, you are going to be put out when you cant get in.  Its obviously a lot of other peoples favourite place as well.  On Saturday morning we decided to head off there for one of their delicious breakfasts and when we got there at 09.55 we were unceremoniously hustled off the veranda as the kitchen was closing at 10 for a private function.  As I stomped back to the car I couldnt help wondering why they hadnt bothered to put a notice up at the gate rather than have us all plundering through the gardens before we were informed.

On Tuesday, the thought of their delicious lunch was hovering in my mind so we decided to give it another try - but this time the restaurant was packed .. great news for them .. bad news for us.  A very kind lady indicated that she was just waiting for her bill and we could have her table which was great, except there was nowhere to wait, no one to bring her the bill and no one to see if we were alright.  In fact no actually acknowledged us until 10 minuts later when we decided to stop standing there like storks and make another plan. 

Flicking through a copy of the latest MailBox I saw some lovely adverts for this restaurant - one of which was a bold block with their name - and underneither the caption "no words needed" - Sorry guys but I beg to differ.