Monday, June 21, 2010


We decided to head off to Victoria Falls for the weekend to see our son Dayne (the Chef) which I am delighted to say, ended up being a "gastronomic" food fest and one I just have to write about ... endlessly ... good and bad !!

Our first night was out at Gorges Lodge.  If you haven't been there, its set on the very edge of the Zambezi Gorge, balancing 250m in the air.  Pretty amazing views and definately not the place to go if you are looking for an argument or have an issue with your partner - far too close to the edge for comfort!  But honestly, the view can take your breath away.

Eating at Gorges is not going to set the "foodies" ablaze with excitement but if you are wanting a really good home cooked meal, satisfying  portions, whilst sipping a fairly decent wine  in an exceptional setting, then its worth sitting at their table.  A definate plus was their outstanding choice of coffee - proper filter coffee of a high quality and actually quite a surprise!

We had a really pleasant evening.  The beds are amazingly comfortable with decent pillows and lovely linen.  Just hope like hell you dont sleep-walk..

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