Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am never quite sure how I manage to get involved in so many of the things I end up doing, but my darling friend Karen once bought me a book entitled "For People Who Don’t Know How To Say No" so the answer is probably there somewhere. Anyway on this occassion, I am glad I got involved as it resulted in a sumptuous lunch at Wes and Jane - with the American Ambassador, Charles A Ray.

Now as much as I would like to tell you that I eat with the In-Crowd, this was a lot more In than normal and was the result of a Mentor Programme that required woman in certain fields of business to mentor a young girl from a disadvantaged background. My little Mentoree was a lovely girl called Sam who wants (heaven help her) to get involved with Travel and Tourism - which is where I came in.

The lunch was fabulous, but not the done thing to charge around flashing cameras in the Ambassadors face so we will have to wait for the official photos to come from the Embassy but at least I can give you a step by step account of the actual lunch,

33 people on the veranda, beautiful table with white drapes blowing gently in the wind, artful conversation and fabulous food. Platter after platter of breads, salads, chicken, pates, quiche, couscous, rare beef and all the trimmings kept coming out of the kitchen. Wes cooking and Jane serving! Someone asked me afterwards what made the salads so different and I was lost for an answer as they were full of the normal salad content but just had an amazing modern slant to them - that’s the work of a trend setting Chef! It was all topped off by a Melt in your Mouth Coffee Mousse and I got to stay and have coffee with the Chef!

So the next time someone asks me to get involved in something, I am definitely going to think about it before I say No !

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