Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Real men eat Burgers!

Well they do when its my cousin Michael.  Its his birthday today and we all wanted to go out to dinner (back in Durban again so the choice is endless).  But these days its normal to be broke in the 2nd week of the month so we had to really think about where to go that would suit the occasion and our pockets.  Even so, brows were slightly raised when he suggested we go to the new Gourmet Burger Co in Durban North.  Somehow the thought of a burger didn't quite fit the birthday feeling so I personally went along with a lot of curiosity as to how the evening would pan out.

Bearing in mind that most of us work, own, run or cook in a restaurant, it would have been an intimidating table to serve if the waitress had any idea of who we were, but apparently she was oblivious and and gave us a fairly mediocre service with little interest.  In a fairly empty restaurant that was just starting out, the old adage of "good help is hard to find" springs to mind.

But all that changed when the menu arrived.  Burgers of all description with wild combinations (beetroot, egg and pineapple) started to whet the appetite.  Unfortunately not a lot of starters were available - either an early rush or poor ordering? and the evening kicked off.  If there is such a thing as a Gourmet Burger, this is the place to go. 

We ended up having a great evening.  Good Food, Great Company, Expanding Waistlines.  Seems you can go to a Burger Joint for a night out!

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