Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday - it must be Durban !!

I am on my travels again. And I have to say totally delighted. It definitely gets tiring traipsing around the countryside but after a while the Nomadic pull (courtesy of my parents who in 80 years have moved 110 times) starts to kick in and its time to head off again. This is a business trip which means I have tight schedules and planes to catch, but in between all of that I have managed a couple of days in Durban with my family.

My absolute favourite place there is Umhlanga. We have gone there for years on holidays and the whole laid back Beach Holiday feel is totally rejuvenating - but that ends when we all decide to go out and eat. Where on earth do you start! There are no less than 17 restaurants in a one block radius and they all look fabulous. Little Cafe Bistros, Sidewalk Pubs complete with the Flatscreens showing the Rugby, Sushi Bars and Steakhouses, the aroma from the area makes you salivate just driving past.

Now our dilemma is even further put the test as my cousin Michael, who incidentally is also a Chef, runs the fabulous Bangkok Wok which is my idea of heaven, but his gorgeous girlfriend Jen runs Myra's Mediterranean Kitchen which is fine dining at its best. And more to the point they are 100 yards apart so you simply cant sneak in to one or the other without them seeing you.

The solution - we just have to eat at both restaurants, oh, and perhaps try the Sushi Bar and the little cafe advertising gourmet breakfasts and maybe pop in for a pint at the Pub. Its just not fair to have so much choice and so little time !

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