Monday, August 3, 2009

Mark gets Full Marks !!!

Full marks to Mark for his amazing snacks at my recent Birthday Party. I have been so busy lately, organising a string of functions that I had little time when it came to arranging my own big something "O" party. I think half the Guest invitations are actually still in my car if truth be known. Fortunately my organised German husband sorted out the food, otherwise half of that might still be in the stove.

After a lot of humming and hawing about suitable venues, we settled on The Coffee Shoppe and in rapid speed turned it into the set of The Addams Family where various members of my family and long suffering friends arrived in a variety of costumes. Theme parties are always about "Love" as who else would paint their face and black out their teeth, just to make your party look good.

On first glance at the menu, four snacks and a couple of steak rolls hold little appeal but when they actually arrived, I was overwhelmed. Four snacks, my foot! Outstanding platters groaning with long skinny chicken kebabs that melted in your mouth, squidgy cocktail sausages, cooked to perfection, sticky baby ribs that made you lick your fingers long after the marinade was gone and baby samoosas, made by Mark that blew your head off if you werent a chilli person - which I ate copious amount of as they were so delicious. I couldnt even begin to try the fillet steak rolls as I was expanding by the minute. Mark gave them to us to take home the next day and we threw them on the braai that night and again ohhed and ahhed about his marinade.
Andrew, our Chef Guest from South Africa made me an orgasmic chocolate mousse cake and frankly, my cup runneth over - literally - a prime example of old people behaving badly!

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