Monday, August 3, 2009

And All That Jazz !!

Jazz, Pizazz, Razzmatazz - it doesn't matter what you call it, most places have it. It can be the funky decor, the signature dish, the eccentric Chef, but whatever it is, its one of the reasons people come back time and again. So what happens when a Restaurant looses theirs? How do they find it again
Take the River Cafe at the River Farm Estate. This is a really laid back sort of Boho feel Restaurant with their signature dish of Chicken Liver and Chips making my mouth water just typing this. You look out onto a lovely garden setting, there are funky shops around the complex and all sorts of interesting people wandering in and out - but it feels heavy. Not even the music livens it up at the moment. I always think people staring into space whilst waiting for a meal is a bad sign - if you get a relaxed feeling, you have to smile at other patrons, talk to your husband or be entertained by the waiters antics.

I suppose it was little surprise when I was there the other day that someone showed me around to where a new Deli was about to open and pointed out where the tables and chairs would go outside for coffee and a croissants. I would be a little worried if someone else opened up a hop, skip and a jump away from my restaurant - but then maybe everyone is out looking for their Lost Jazz ...

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