Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What happened to my Mushroom Sauce?

It never fails to amaze me how many new restaurants start up with all the ingredients of success, only to be mystified when things start to go wrong for no apparant reason. Its a simple case of Where is my Mushroom Sauce?

It happens in most restaurants, an item not available, marrow bones missing from the soup, no salad dressing. The Boma at Hillside Dams, is set in one of the prettiest settings you have yet to find. The Restaurant is delightful. Water in the dams, ducks on the water, people clinking glasses and enjoying the sun and no sign of stress or irritation. My favourite dish here is a lovely Chicken Schnitzel with the most delicious Mushroom Sauce you have ever tasted. It would be of course, considering the Chef there is Silwood trained and my Son ! So you can appreciate it that when the Schnitzel arrives sans Mushroom Sauce there is great disappointment. Its these little things that catch restaurants behind the knees!

I did enquire where the sauce was and was told `the mushrooms are only coming tomorrow' - what did they miss the bus?

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