Monday, July 20, 2009

We were invited out on Friday night - good friends taking us to an old restaurant which had started to feel very jaded. Zimbabwean times catching up with even the best fine dining restaurant had taken their toll! Anyway with good grace we agreed to go, which was
a good thing as it turned out to be a surprise dinner party for my upcoming birthday which the Good Friend wouldnt be here for.

Lovely surprise though, same old decor, nice new Front of House Manager and great new menu. New Orleans in Hillside is somewhere to go again with the reassurance of a decent meal. They are even advertising a Pub Lunch on a Friday - badly done on a childs blackboard jammed on the side of the road - but a Pub Lunch no less. Its been ages since someone advertised something like this and good for Bulawayo who will of course support it - just once if its bad but regularly if its good. No second chances with this crowd. I remember asking someone about food at a popular hotel in Victoria Falls. She said it was terrible, I asked how long ago she was there and she replied - 5 years ago. Now five years is a very very long time to have a reputation for having BAD food !

Eat Well


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