Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Delightful Surprise !!

You know when someone bangs on about something being really bad and in the end you just believe it, simply because you have heard it so many times!  I have to admit that from time to time I am one of those coat-tailers of the moment.

I also have the good grace to admit when I am wrong and in this case I feel the need to put it out there!  I have recently been over to England for a Tourism Exchange (whole other story - just as good) and I ended up flying Air Zimbabwe.  I haven't flown our national airline for many years and with its poor press, unreliability etc etc (so I have heard) I really wasn't looking forward to the flight.  It was a day flight and as they don't have an in-flight entertainment system I armed myself with all sorts of things to do - magazines, a book, my lap top complete with DVDs and my knitting - I kid you not!

Now I have flown on a BA flight when the crew had a flight and threw bread rolls across the isle, I have recently been on a Lufthansa flight to Germany where the Steward was exceptionally rude to us when we asked to go to the front as we were rushing for our connection due to the flight being late - which of course we missed when he said NO.  (First class was upstairs so we were only going to go in front of other economy customers)  My husband went on a Swiss Air flight where the crew refused to speak English and he was in first class.. the list goes on and on !   But I have never been on a flight where the crew was as charming to the passengers as they were on Air Zimbabwe.  Nothing was too much trouble, they spoke to everyone with relaxed professional courtesy and went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and attended to.  Even the children on board who made endless trips up and down the isles to get crisps and soft drinks were given a friendly smile and endless patience.   As a result we were delighted when the same crew was there to greet us when we got back on the plane a week later.

Don't write this airline off - it may be going through a tough time and they do have a reputation of being unreliable but neither is it one of the greedy airlines who make you sit with your knees around your chin just so they can push in another row of seats ..

If I wasn't in a tearing hurry and had a few days to play with "just in case"  I wouldn't hesitate to fly with them and in case you are wondering why I am writing about an airline on my sleep out, eat out blog - I slept on it very comfortably coming back and the dinner menu was as follows:-

Fresh Salmon with a green garden salad and lemon dressing
Roast fillet with fresh vegetables and new potatoes
A cheeseboard with four different cheeses, Rockford, Bree, Cheddar and Gouda
Creme Caramel or a selection of fresh fruits
Tea or coffee with after dinner mints

Oh Yes -  we were on time - to the minute !

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